If you have questions regarding Covid-19 or if you are feeling sick with fever, cough or difficulty breathing, please call before coming in to the clinic. Call your usual clinic site or call 381-7009 to be connected to a nurse who will answer your Covid-19 questions.

How we are protecting our patients

  • Prescreening:  Upon entry or before entry to clinics, all patients are prescreened for Covid-19 signs, symptoms and risk factors.  High risk patients may be referred to our screening facility at our 915 N. King St. location for further evaluation.
  • Masks:  All patients are required to wear a face mask or face covering to wear in the clinic at all times (4/20/2020) for other patient protection and staff protection. Additionally, all staff that are in proximity to patients are required to wear a mask.
  • Staff health:  Any staff member with high Covid-19 risk factors (recent travel, have been tested or have potential Covid-19 contact) or with fever or respiratory symptoms are not allowed to work until cleared or have completed quarantine.
  • Distancing: We have implemented patient seating and front desk distancing.   One adult may accompany minors. Adults with appointments are asked to not bring their children into the clinic unless there is no one to supervise them.
  • Infection control: We have increased the frequency of disinfecting all clinical areas, while staff maintain safe infection control practices as recommended by CDC.

Covid-19 Patient Resources and Guidelines


Get your COVID-19 questions answered.

Call 808-381-7009 to speak to a nurse.

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