What does physical activity (active play) mean for Preschool-age child?

Play that increases physical vigor such as increasing heart rate. Examples might include running, jumping, climbing, chasing and play fighting

Preschool-age children should spend 60 minutes each day in active play If your child (children) does not have a full 60-minute active play break each day, try to provide at least two 30-minute active play breaks per day.   Why is physical activity important for my child? Physical activity helps to increase life expectancy and reduce risk of disease Inactive children are likely to become inactive adults Improved mental wellbeing, including gaining more self-confidence

How do I encourage physical activity (active play) in my child? Physical activity (active play) should be fun Parents should be involved in physical activity (active play) with your child Parents should also be a great role model, they should be active themselves

Screen time

  • Screen time for preschool-age children should involve only quality age-appropriate programs/activities and not exceed two hours per day.

Examples of some Physical activity (active play) for preschool-age children:

Simon Says
Obstacle course

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