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Kalihi-Palama Health Center is a non-profit Community Health Center. It is our mission to provide medical and social services to our community in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner.  We can assist you with applying for Medicaid/Quest or provide you with low-cost health care and medications. We will see all patients regardless of their ability to pay for services. We have community health workers who can assist you in multiple languages including Chuukese, Ilokano, Visayan, Tagalog, Pohnpeian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Marshallese, and Korean. KPHC provides adult medicine, pediatrics, women’s health care, family planning, optometry, dental, behavioral health, WIC and dietitian services, homeless medical, outreach, and housing support. Visit us at

Our primary care locations are:

  • KPHC at 915 N. King St. 848-1438
  • KPHC clinic at 710 N King St (Next to Mayor Wright Housing) 843-7500
  • KPHC Downtown clinic at 89 S. King St (across from the downtown Wal-Mart) 792-5560
  • KPHC Dental 845-0686
  • KPHC Optometry 792-5599
  • KPHC WIC 841-0011
  • KPHC Health Care for the Homeless Outreach 791-6370, Ka’a’ahi Clinic 791-6342
  • KPHC Behavioral Health 841-7981

Medical Emergencies: Call 911

Poison Control hotline 24/7: 1-800-222-1222

Suicide Hotline: 832-3100

Domestic Violence Hotline: Call 911 or 841-0822

Contact your primary care provider or KPHC at one of our sites listed above if you or someone in your home

  • Is concerned that they may have Covid-19 (381-7009 KPHC Covid-19 nurse line)
  • Does not have a clinic or doctor that can provide regular medical care
  • Has a chronic medical condition such as asthma, diabetes, Hepatitis B or high blood pressure and is in need of medical care or medications
  • Is a child or teenager who may be behind on their vaccinations/immunizations
  • Has not had a physical exam or regular check-up since their last birthday.
  • Is experiencing depression or having behavioral or developmental challenges
  • Needs a physical exam for school enrollment or for entering the 7th grade
  • Is experiencing domestic violence, abuse, neglect or human trafficking
  • Is pregnant or is in need of family planning services or birth control
  • Needs to see a dentist or see an eye doctor

All telephone contact information below is for O’ahu residents

Numbers, links, and programs may change at any time.

General Health Care

___I am worried that I or someone in my home might have Covid-19

For emergencies or if you or someone in your home is severely ill, call 911

  • Contact your primary care provider or
  • 211 (Aloha United Way)        
  •  for more information on Covid-19
  • 691-2619 (Queens Health Center Covid-19 line)
  • 381-7009 (Kalihi-Palama Health Center Covid-19 line)

___I or someone in my family does not have a clinic or doctor that can provide     regular medical care

  • Contact KPHC at one of the numbers above

___I am worried about leaving my home to come for an appointment or it is difficult for me to leave my home

  • Contact your primary care provider of KPHC at one of the numbers above. In most situations we will be able to provide care by video or phone (telemedicine) during this Covid-19 pandemic

___I or someone in my home needs to see a dentist

  • 845-0686 Kalihi-Palama Health Center Dental department

___I or someone in my home needs to see an eye doctor

  • 792-5599 Kalihi-Palama Health Center Optometry department

___I or someone in my home does not have health insurance

  • Contact one of our KPHC sites listed above for assistance. If you don’t qualify for Quest, you may qualify for reduced cost services. You will not be denied care based on your ability to pay.
  • Call 211 for information on health insurance for children
  • 587-3540 Med-Quest O’ahu
  • Go to to see if you may be able to enroll for an affordable care act plan (Obamacare)

___I or someone in my home has a chronic medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure and is in need of medical care or medications

  • Contact your Primary Care Provider or KPHC at the numbers above

___A child in my home is or may be behind on their vaccinations/immunizations

  • Contact you primary care provider or KPHC at one of the numbers above             

___A child in my home has not had a physical exam or regular check-up since their last birthday.

  • Contact your primary care provider or KPHC at one of the numbers above

Crisis Services, Mental Health and Behavioral Health

___I have little interest or pleasure in doing things sometimes / most of the time / always OR ___I feel down, depressed or hopeless sometimes / most of the time / always

___I or someone in my home has a mental health condition and is in need of counseling, therapy or medications

  • Hawai’i U-Telehealth Behavioral Health
    • Hawaiʻi Department of Health and University of Hawaiʻi John A. Burns School of Medicine are working together to provide Hawaiʻi residents with online telepsychiatry and telepsychology. To talk to a behavioral health specialist using telehealth about worries, stress, anxiety, substance use or other concerns, visit:  or call (808) 692-1060 if you need translation services
  • 1-866-342-6892 24/7 Optum Emotional Support Helpline (part of UnitedHealth Group) is offering a free & open to anyone emotional support line in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Feel free to distribute to your family and friends as well as any members, providers, and community organizations that you may interact with.

___A teenager in my home is skipping school and I’m afraid is going to get into fights or get into a gang or get hurt

___I’m struggling with parenting and need help

Childcare, Preschool and School Registration

___I or someone in my home needs a car seat for a child

  • Contact one of the KPHC clinic sites listed above
  • 294-0402 Keiki Injury Prevention Program

___There is a child in my home who turned 5 years old before August 1 or who is new to Hawai’i and needs to register for school.

___I need assistance with childcare or finding a preschool for a child under age 5

Child Development and Disability

___I am worried that a child in my home is not developing as expected, is behind on their development; for instance is not learning to do things like walking or talking well.

___My child is disabled or in Special Education classes, has an IEP or has special developmental or medical needs and I need help with services

Adult Disability

___There is a disabled adult in my home who needs assistance with employment or self-care.

  • Handi-Van
    • The Handi-Van Eligibility Center is now partially open and accepting new clients
    • Applicants should call (808) 538-0033 between 8am-4:30pm to schedule an appointment (they are open until 5pm, but they close the phone lines promptly at 5)
    • The Handi-Van is not currently able to provide transportation to the eligibility center through June 30th. If someone doesn’t have a way to get to the Handi-Van Eligibility Center for an intake appointment, the staff will assess eligibility over the phone and provide presumptive eligibility through June 30th, and then will contact the client to schedule an in-person interview in July

Kupuna/Senior Support and Activities

  • Help is on the Way
    • Kupuna and others who are homebound can go to the website to request a delivery service. They also may call the nonprofit at (406) 426-1013. All requests are reviewed with a callback within 24 hours. The nonprofit also can be reached by email at
  • Kupuna Needs Project
    • The Kupuna Needs Project is a service for elderly (62 years or older) and immunocompromised individuals on Oahu, who are at risk of the dangers of the COVID-19 virus, to get necessities such as food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies delivered to their residence. This project is organized through Catholic Scouting, Troop 39 Co-Cathedral of St. Theresa
    • Kupuna age 62 or older and immunocompromised individuals can call (808) 202-0820 or (808) 202-1203 for assistance, hotlines are open 12pm-8pm
    • For more information visit:
  • Our Kupuna
    • Mission is to connect kupuna with sponsors; those in our community who are free of COVID-19 symptoms, have not traveled outside of Hawai’i in the last 21 days and are willing to get groceries, medication and necessary supplies to our kupuna so they can stay at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.
    • Kupuna age 65 and older can call (808) 400-4506or go to for assistance
  • Home Delivered Meals: City & County of Honolulu Elderly Affairs Division: Aging & Disability Resource Center
    • For more information or to find out if you’re eligible call: 808-768-7700
    • EAD is currently prioritizing home delivered meal services and those clients that have critical need and are eligible for services, visit their FAQ’s page for more information on who is eligible HERE
    • For those that don’t meet the home delivered meal service eligibility, EAD is triaging and referring to other meal services

Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Abuse and Human Trafficking

___I do not feel safe in my home for myself or my children or I am afraid that I or someone in my home may hurt my children or may be exploiting or trafficking them

___I am caring for a child who was removed from their home by Child Welfare Services and need help with parenting and support. Or I am a child in CWS foster care or adoption and need help.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

___I or someone in my home needs help with substance abuse such as alcohol or drug addiction

  • 832-3100 Coordinated Access Resource Entry System (CARES)
    • For referrals to substance abuse treatment, Neighbor islands 1(800) 753-6879

Women’s Health and Family Planning

___I or someone in my home is in need of family planning services or is pregnant and is not seeing a clinic or doctor.

  • Call your primary care provider or one of the KPHC clinic locations above
  • 733-9050 Family Planning Services through Department of Health,  assistance with high-risk pregnancies, will connect you with a community clinic for family planning services
  • 737-6311 Family Planning Information Line (not affiliated with KPHC)
  • 261-9776 Mary Jane Program, residential services and pregnancy support for adults

___I or someone in my home is pregnant or breastfeeding or has a child under 5 years old who needs help with food

Employment, Housing and Food Instability

___I do not have a stable place to live or to shelter or I am afraid that I will be kicked out of my home soon.

  • List of Homeless Services (Lots of resources)
  • 832-5960 or 832-5961 Public Housing and section 8 application
  • 447-2833 IHS homeless services
  • 305-9869 Education of Homeless Children and Youth, DOE program to help homeless kids continue their education
  • 521-4357 Catholic Charities, housing and elder housing support
  • 592-9022 Gregory House housing and support for persons living with HIV
  • Housing Solutions Hawai’i. Affordable housing support
  • 682-5494 Kumuhonua Transitional Living Center
  • 630-0771 (Housing) 342-7493 (Employment) 282-0554 (Other services) services for veterans
  • 524-7633 Partners in Development Foundation, Tutu and Me traveling preschool, Na Pono No Na ‘Ohana family program in Waimanalo, Ka Pa’alana Homeless Family Education Program for the Leeward Coast and other family and education programs for kids in shelters and transitioning to shelters
    • Family Promise of Hawaii is currently offering the following services for families with at least one minor child in their care:
      • Prevention and Diversion: (808) 466-4243
      • Access to shower/laundry/meals/internet by appointment only (808) 466-4243 available between 8am and 5pm
        • Serve a maximum of 10 persons at a time
        • Guests may stay for about two hours at a time
        • No one who is sick may enter the facility, temperature screening of everyone prior to entering
      • Family Promise of Hawaiʻi (FPH) will be partnering with a hotel in Waikiki to temporarily shelter families while other shelters have had to suspend new intakes. The hotel shelter will last for about two months and FPH staff will be on-site to supervise families as well as provide case management.
      • Please note that each room has a max occupancy of 4 people so if a family is larger than 4 members, they must have two adults so they can split between two rooms. Also, since we are partnering with a hotel and must follow their rules families must be substance free.

___I do not have enough food for my family

  • The Salvation Army, Family Services Office
    • Everyone must call ahead to schedule an appointment, no walk-ins to Family Services Office at this time
    • Food Pantry is open: Mondays – 12:30 to 2:30 pm at 296 Vineyard Blvd, Distribution will take place at the side of the building
    • The Friday food pantry is mobile and in coordination with another social services agency, so that food can be distributed to people who cannot visit the Food Pantry location.  If there is a 211 request for food, we are able to prepare a box for that household. 

___I or someone in my home became unemployed due to the pandemic and needs assistance

  • COVID-19 Hardship Relief for Individuals Program
    • Begins May 18 with $25 million in seed money from the federal coronavirus aid bill
    • Through a private-public partnership, the program will work with nonprofits, including Aloha United Way, Helping Hands Hawaii, and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, to provide money to the hardest-hit individuals, specifically to help pay for rent, utilities and child care
    • For assistance contact:
      • Aloha United Way: 2-1-1
      • Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement: (808) 784-4464
  • Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program
    • Eligible native Hawaiians on DHHL’s Applicant Waiting List who have experienced a loss of income or job as a result of COVID-19 may receive assistance for the payment of their security deposit and/or rent for up to six months.
    • To apply, call Aloha United Way at 2-1-1
    • Program Criteria:
      • Must be native Hawaiian as defined by the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act and on DHHL’s Waiting List as of Dec. 31, 2018. No new applications will be considered.
      • Must have experienced a reduction of income or loss of income/job as a result of COVID-19.
      • Additional information on eligibility criteria and documentation required HERE
  • Goodwill of Hawai’i
    COVID-19 Services include information on applying for unemployment, emergency financial aid, health insurance coverage, local job market opportunities, resume and interview training, computer skills classes, career planning and vocational training.

Immigration and Legal Assistance

___I am worried about my legal immigration status and would like to get help.

___I am an immigrant and I need help in my language

  • KPHC can provide assistance in Chuukese, Ilocano, Visayan, Tagalog, Pohnpeian, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. We also have access to phone interpreters in most other languages.
  • 851-7010 Pacific Gateway Center
  • 754-7303 We Are Oceania language access, pre-employment training and referrals for Micronesians
  • Fanapi Foundation, Hawai’i-based organization working to provide technical assistance to Micronesia

___I need legal help but I’m not sure where to start

Military Families

___I or someone in my family is in the military and needs help

Other Resources

Multiple resources on Covid-19 support services, job training, crisis contact information, disaster relief, adult education programs, school contact numbers, financial aid, scholarships, family support

Department of Public Safety extensive resource guide

Harm reduction services for persons living in a socially stigmatized situation such as living with HIV, Hepatitis B, Substance Abuse or as a Transgender, LGBT person or as part of a high-risk racial population such as Native Hawai’ian communities

HCAP Weatherization program to assist in weatherizing homes to reduce energy costs

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