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    • Telehealth visits are just like a face-to-face visit with your doctor or nurse but done over the telephone, computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet to connect you with a doctor or care provider wherever you might be. You do not need to be in the clinic for a telehealth visit. It is much easier than it may seem and it may be more convenient and safer for you as it allows you to access care without leaving your home.
    • When you call for an appointment, the person scheduling your appointment may ask if you would prefer a telehealth visit. You can also ask if a telehealth visit may be appropriate for an upcoming appointment or if you need medical advice that may not require a face-to-face visit.
    • If you aren’t sure how to do it, the next time you are in the clinic, ask the nurse to show you how to do a telehealth visit for your next appointment.


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