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KPHC is a recognized Diabetes Self Management Education Program by the American Diabetes Association. We offer Diabetes classes to patients whether you have prediabetes, diabetes, or just want to learn more about prevention. The classes include a presentation on topics including nutrition, physical activity, medications, and stress management. At the end of each class there will be a food demonstration and tasting for all participants. These classes are taught by a Registered Dietitian, Registered Nurse and Behavioral Health staff. All KPHC patients are welcome to join. Please contact Maile at 843-7256 for more information or ask your PCP for a referral to the program.

What is a Registered Dietitian and what can one do for you?

Registered dietitians (RDs) are the food and nutrition experts. All registered dietitians are nutritionists, but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. RDs are the only nutrition professionals who are regulated by law and governed by an ethical code to ensure they provide the best care. Nutritionists, on the other hand, can work without providing any formal certification.
A Registered Dietitian can help manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney disease, cancer, heart failure and more.
When you first see your RD, the last thing you’ll get is a one-size-fits-all-diet. He or she gets to know your eating habits and behaviors to make a more tailored plan that will most effectively help you.

Maile Ishikawa RD Diabetes Self Management Education Program Coordinator

Some Useful Resources

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